Dollmaking Workshops

Making art can facilitate healing.  When it involves creating human form, rich in symbols, meaning, and personal history, the healing process can be an extremely powerful one.  The safe and sacred space created within the workshop will allow you to explore a wide range of possibilities and to see and integrate your own strengths and solutions. 

Dolls play a role in almost every culture.  Dolls and puppets have been used for, amongst other things; cultural dissemination and folklore; ritual magic, healing and spells; good luck: entertainment and diversion; carrying on traditions and educating using story telling; acting out moral and religious stories; and child's play as well as female enculturation.

Angelina's Doll-making workshops offer hands-on instruction and therapeutic group process designed to gain insight into personal, emotional, and spiritual experiences.  Absolutely no art experience is necessary and making the doll is facilitated as a step-by-step process at a comfortable pace.

Angelina Renes- Journey Doll.JPG


We all have expectations and assumptions about what meditation is and who can do it.

Much of the art of meditation is in allowing it to be as it is.  Just as we have different personalities and learning styles that are both shared and unique, we also have tendencies towards inner experience in meditation that are both shared and unique.  Participating in a workshop will help you learn to recognize your own personal signals allowing you to move more easily enter into your inner world.

Angelina has over four decades of meditation experience, training and practice.  Her meditation workshops are held in a comfortable space within a supportive group setting.  You will be taught a range of traditional Eastern-based techniques, which will allow you to find one(s) that work for you.

Angelina's workshops will help you open into the deeply restorative experience of meditation.  They are open to people of all faith traditions.  No prior meditation experience is necessary.

Upcoming workshop dates and information will be posted to this site as it becomes available.  

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